Welcome to our web site!

The Cornerend Crew is a skate club consisting of female skaters who have enjoyed skating for some 25+ years. This group of women have always occupied the far right corner of the skating rink (Shake-N-Bake) hence the name “Corner End” Crew. The active members of the Cornerend are all female, but we do have a great support group (male & female) & corporate sponsor like EZG88 that represents and helps out when needed. Although we are all unique, we share one great love…skating! Visit our Building Blocks page to get to know each of us.

Our Purpose:

  • To inspire female teens to exercise by rollerskating. With the growing rate of obesity in youth today, rollerskating can serve as an enjoyable way to stay fit and loose weight.
  • To continue the legacy of roller skating so that it can be passed down through generations. To promote rollerskating as a fun activitiy while providing a service to female teens in the community. The Cornerend Big Sisiter Program was developed for that purpose as well as to assist in the personal development and growth of female teens.

Keep rolling…